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Why did waste my money?

This app continues to crash mid-run. There’s too many things to buy. It’s a continuous pay to play game. Not worth the money.

iPhone X optimization

Please, optimize this great game for iPhone X screen. Thank you!

Not nearly as good as the original

In my opinion the original Ski Safari is the perfect one-button game. Ski Safari 2 has the general composition, with even a few nice additions like jump tricks, but somehow the whole game is much less appealing. I would prefer new level upgrades on the original game.

Love It!!!

This is my favorite game on my iPad Pro and I record YouTube videos on this game, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a very easy and fun game!!! 😄

It’s fun but needs some work...

I see the display is fully utilized but the button layout doesn’t seem to be fully there yet. Also, the home bar should be a bit more translucent than it is now, def noticeable as I play.

4 stars

4 stars

Crashed every time when try to take a selfie

It is annoying that the game will crash when it is trying to take a selfie or the screenshot.


What a great little game. Lots and lots of fun to play for a very inexpensive game. I just downloaded the Christmas map too. It’s fantastic. Must have.

Fun but crashes on X

Purchased game on 11-24 and crashes constantly. Gameplay is fun and graphics are great while it runs. Unfortunately I also bought in game currency as well. Ugh

Cash grab

This is barely more than the first game with a system geared towards micro transactions. All that so we get another map and better graphics? You’ve even nerfed the rewards we worked to earn. The coin magnet is now a pay per use perk and has a timer. This system of cash grabbing is getting so old. Enjoy the two bucks I paid for your game. I’ve deleted it. Won’t get more from me.

Paid for crashing app

IPhone X update please, crashes mid play

Fun game!

This game is very enjoyable and interesting. It is better than the first version. I love it! 😍😍😍

Just a question...

I wanna start over. How do I do that???

Da best!

OMG da best game ever!!!!

Great game!

I love this game. and as well this game is way better than the first one. more details more maps and more characters. But as well this is a great game good job sleepy z!

Won't open keeps crashing

After I paid for content it worked for a short while and then has not opened since. Can't find a way to contact the developers at all, so no support. I used to like the game until then, but have not been able to play for a month or two.

Just Fun.

I like it better then the first one. Great time killer!


Used to love this game, now it just crashes. Can't play

Even better than the first one

This ski safari is far better than the first one. This brings more variety to the game, like maps, animals, vehicles, and other new features.

Fun and simple

I really enjoy this game because it's a lot of fun, but also quite simple to play - perfect for a quick diversion when you've got nothing to do.

Crash Central

When I pay for a game I expect to be able to play it. It crashes several times before I can play it and I cannot share my game between my apple devices. I'd rather have my money back and delete it.

Keeps crashing

Fun game but crashes wayy too much, especially considering I actually paid for this.

I love ❤️ this game

I love this game but it is NOT the BOMB. If all of you others want the BEST game EVER play EPISODE.


I love this game

Three stars

The game is better than ski safari original like it has some new stuff it gets kinda boring after you play it for a long time and it's not the best game ever.

Very fun ⛷🏂

I personally think it's a good game because you can ride things and play on different maps


Amazing game plz add more maps

Crashes 50% of the time

Crashes every time when trying to link to Facebook. Also random crashes mis game. Unacceptable for a paid app.


Enjoyable funny addictive game


The game crashes right when you start it,the graphics could be better,and the game was only fun for about an hour.I could have do better things with that 99 cents.

used to love this game

new update broke it. now it crashes before startup, after facebook login (that it asks for every time i open it) just spent money on it unlocking ALL of the levels, too :(


One word awesome


Fun for all ages. I'm 39 and love this game. Very well done.

Fuking awesome

The game is better than ski safari 1, graphics great. The game is one of the best in App Store


Good Game :)

good good s

fun!fun!fun to play!

Totally Crazy

I Loved Ski Safari when it came out, I was truly addicted to that game! Now Ski Safari ll comes out and like a druggie needing a fix I'm hooked again! I don't know where you get your ideas, however, keep them coming. Your games are fun, funny, fast, interesting and for some of us non-gamers a challenge to get good at!! I can't hear the music on Lunar, but that's really no big deal! It's crazy enough to keep me occupied! If you like fun game play, no killing, no blood, and only useful monsters, penguins, birds, and snow boards on the moon, you'll Love this game! Keep up the good work guys!!


Best game!I love music in this game~ happy day~

Cool beans!😎


A lot of fun

This game is a lot of fun has great graphics and music . I really enjoy playing it . I love how there's different seasons sets you can buy . The Halloween one is pretty awesome .

Original is better

I like some updated graphics but it doesn't feel right. Stick with SS1

Exactly the same of Ski Safari 1

I don't see any differences with he old version. I wonder why I bought it.

Fun game

Fun game to play when you time to kill.

High Score

Try to beat my high score it's 613,188.


Awesome on AppleTV

It is really fun

I don't normally write review, but when I do, you know it a good game. This game is really fun, trust me it worth your money.

Would be fun if it worked...

It looks like it would be fun to play if it recognized commands from any of my remotes. AppleTV remote, nothing. Remote app on my phone, nothing. Harmony Elite remote, nothing. Horipad Ultimate, I can start a level or take pictures, but nothing else.

ATV 4 controls broken

On the iPhone, you can use one thumb to do a flip, and the other thumb to swipe and do tricks. This is not possible on the Apple TV 4 so it basically makes the game unplayable. Please fix this by assigning a button on the Apple TV remote for jumping, or implementing mfi controller support thank you.


It is so amazing and so addicting!!🤘🏼👏🏻👏🏻

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